RE-SHIRT has developed the first temporary, reversible ink for textile printing available on the market.

The impuls for this came when RE-SHIRT investigated the composition of clothing at sorting facilities in Germany. 10% of sorted old clothes are printed T-shirts. Most of them are in good condition. It is noticeable that shirts often have prints that seem to have lost their validity after only a few days.

So what if it were possible to develop a temporary, i.e. washable, ink for textile printing that behaves exactly like commercially available ink on the shirt, but whose eco-balance in regards to nature is completely neutral? What would such a reversible printing technology mean for the use of these t-shirts? The result of these considerations is now available for you – RE-SHIRTS to rent and to keep.

Was also, wenn sich eine temporäre, also auswaschbare Farbe für den Textildruck entwickeln ließe, die sich auf dem Shirt exakt so verhält wie handelsübliche Farbe, deren Ökobilanz gegenüber der Natur aber komplett neutral ist?

Was würde so eine reversible Drucktechnik für den Einsatz von diesen T-Shirts bedeuten? 

Das Ergebnis dieser Überlegungen gibt es jetzt für euch – RE-SHIRTS zum Ausleihen und RE-SHIRTS zum Behalten.