Staff and all others from the team get RE-SHIRTS for rent. After the job is done – or after each festival day – the worn RE-SHIRTS will be picked up and processed by us. No wasted space in the closet, no garbage. For you as an outfitter a sustainable solution and a good conscience.

Of course, a uniform appearance is part of it. But every trade fair has an end – and if the trade fair slogan can be washed out afterwards, your hoodies, long-sleeves and T-shirts will be happy to be worn long and often as blank clothing.

As RE-SHIRTS to keep you can choose from numerous models in a wide variety of colors. So the look fits perfectly to your corporate identity.

Our temporary printing technology is the perfect choice if you have special events in mind: a big happening of your club, a performance of your choir, a motto day for a good cause – you surely have ideas without end.

And let’s be honest: photos are quite sufficient as a wonderful souvenir and the blank RE-SHIRT to keep will then enjoy a long life in the everyday wardrobe.

Does a temporary printed shirt lose its print when you sweat? Nope, no worries!

First you reflect yourself in your medals, then you remove the print from your shirts with a wash and enjoy afterwards, for example, a great running shirt made of recycled polyester for training. Because let’s face it: the things without print are the ones you love to wear the most.

Looking for t-shirts for your info session at school, university or association work? Temporarily printed RE-SHIRTS do the job for which you would otherwise have to talk your mouth off.

Our inexpensive rental shirts save your club money, too.

As a team you have a joint appearance, present your content or represent the whole company as a group? You don’t only want to get your message across, but also do good at the same time? RE-SHIRTS to keep are exactly the right choice.

After the successful event, the t-shirt does not disappear in the back corner of the closet, but may slide as a blank shirt in the everyday closet.