Staff, stewards and people with similar tasks get RE-SHIRTS to borrow. After the job is done – or every 2 days – the worn RE-SHIRTS are collected and processed by us. No wasted space in the closet, no garbage. For you as an outfitter a sustainable solution and a good conscience.

Exhibitors, fair organisers. During the set-up phase as well as the execution of a trade fair, hosts and staff show themselves uniformly. After the end of the fair, we collect the rented RE-SHIRTS and you get fresh shirts with a fresh print for the next event.

Are you a band or otherwise have fans you want to outfit with good merch? RE-SHIRTS to keep are what you need. Vintage shirts with permanent printing are your solution. And honestly – who ever wanted a brand new band shirt with an iron pleat?

Does a temporarily printed shirt lose its print when sweating? No. Of course not.

If you’re proud of the marathon you’ve completed, you get RE-SHIRTS to keep. But if your team wants to participate in 5 city races every year, RE-SHIRTS for rent are the right choice. You run and win as a team, we pick up the sweaty RE-SHIRTS and you reflect in the medals.

Are you looking for T-shirts for your info event at school, university or in the context of association work? Let borrowed RE-SHIRTS do the talking for you!

RE-SHIRTS will happily support your demos, too – however, of course, only for the good cause.

Are you representing the whole company as a group and want to have a joint appearance?

Do you want to look even better than usual and do something good?  Then RE-SHIRTS for rent are exactly the right choice. After the successful event we pick up the worn shirts, and you keep the photos.