RE-SHIRT has developed the world’s first temporary ink for textile printing that can be washed out.

An old problem

The impetus for this came when RE-SHIRT investigated the composition of clothing, especially T-shirts at sorting facilities in Germany. 10% of sorted old clothes are printed T-shirts. Most of them are in good condition.

It is noticeable that shirts often have prints that seem to have lost their validity after just a few days.

What if there were prints that disappeared again?

Prints with a color that behaves exactly like commercial ink on the shirt, but whose eco-balance is convincing all around?

What would such a reversible printing technique mean for the use of these T-shirts?

The result of these considerations is now available for you – reversibly printed textiles, to rent or to keep. Of course, this can be combined with a permanent print. For example, your logo remains, but the slogan of the 7th company run (or whatever you have in mind) disappears again. You only keep the great photos of your day together.

The solution: longevity

The textile can be reused afterwards without this print: in the cycle thought immediately for the next event, for you as a neutral team shirt or simply completely privately.

We print with screen printing technology, which is the highest quality variant in printing textiles. The whole thing is called RE-SHIRT, but we also love hoodies, longsleeves and whatever else you like.