What happens to a temporary print in case of rain or sweat?

Our temporary paint is water-soluble, which means that it loses its adhesion as soon as the textile gets really wet, whether through heavy rain or intense perspiration. This is also why no chemicals are used in our underwear. However, the prints can withstand a short summer shower or the classic company run.

What if we like the RE-SHIRTS to rent so much that we want to keep them?

If you want to continue wearing the shirts, you can of course switch from the rental model to the purchase model. Your print will say “goodbye” to you at the first wash – and you will be left with a tiptop beautiful blank shirt.

In what sizes are RE-SHIRTS available?

We offer you certified shirts from sustainable production for rent in five unisex sizes XS to XL.

How are RE-SHIRTS to rent different from those to keep?

RE-SHIRTS for rent are classic T-shirts, with round neck and unisex fit. They are available in black, navy and anthracite melange. We buy these new and rent them out a few times – meaning your order will most likely be a mix of brand new and almost brand new shirts.
It sounds like it, but RE-SHIRTS to keep aren’t necessarily just t-shirts. They can also be hoodies, longsleeves, tank tops – or whatever you guys want! Unlike the rental model, there are hardly any limits and countless possibilities in terms of shape and color of the textiles.

Are RE-SHIRTS produced in an environmentally friendly way?

Whether RE-SHIRTS to rent or to keep, we work exclusively with partners who produce sustainably produced textiles. These include Pure Waste, earthpositive and Neutral.

How long can we rent RE-SHIRTS?

The standard rental period is one week – that is, seven days from receipt of the shirts to pickup.
If you need the shirts longer, please let us know! Depending on the intensity of use, it can also be worthwhile to rent more than one shirt per team member.

What is the minimum quantity for RE-SHIRTS?

We work with the high quality screen printing technology, which is especially suitable for serial production. Our minimum quantity is not set in stone, but is around 50 pieces. It also depends on the complexity of the print. So feel free to write us, even if it should be less pieces.

Can we also rent unprinted RE-SHIRTS?

You want to dress your team uniformly, but don’t need any prints on your shirts? Of course, we also offer you shirts for rent, so you don’t have to buy anything extra that might not be used afterwards. Just let us know – and we will send you RE-SHIRTS in navy, black or anthracite.

Don’t you offer prints on vintage shirts?

Good attention! In the past, in cooperation with sorting companies for used clothing, we have prepared good second-hand shirts and offered them for printing – for all those cases in which a print should not go away, no even last forever: Band shirts for example and other merchandise.

We are now concentrating on printing with reversible ink – because only we can do that worldwide. However, since we see ourselves as contact persons for all circular models around printed textiles, please feel free to contact us anyway. We look forward to the exchange.