What happens to the temporary ink when it rains or if someone is sweating?

Our temporary paint is water-soluble – but only when it is immersed and properly moved in the water. That’s why we also don’t use chemicals when washing the shirts.. And your prints will survive downpours as well as super hot days.

What if we like the RE-SHIRTS for rent so much that we want to keep them?

If you want to keep wearing the shirts, you can of course switch from the rental model to the purchase model. Your print will say “goodbye” to you at the first wash – and you will be left with a  beautiful uni shirt.

Can we also have temporary printing on vintage shirts?

We call this internally the “double RE-SHIRT” and will be happy to offer it to you with twice the pleasure.

In which sizes are RE-SHIRTS available?

We offer GOTS certified shirts from sustainable production for rent in five unisex sizes XS to XL. According to their measurements, our vintage shirts to keep are divided into exactly these five sizes. Thus, it may happen that a vintage label may say a different size than we have defined.

How do the RE-SHIRTS for rent differ from the ones for keep?

RE-SHIRTS for rent are uniform and only available in dark colors. That means you get shirts made of exactly the same fabric, in exactly the same finish. We buy them new and rent them a few times. RE-SHIRTS to keep differ from each other in fabric and workmanship, but are all straight cut, crew neck and short sleeves. We offer those in a few color groups.

How long can we rent RE-SHIRTS?

The standard rental period is one week – i.e. seven days from receiving the shirts to picking them up. If you need the shirts for longer, please let us know! Depending on the intensity of use, it can also be worthwhile to rent more than one shirt per team member.